TWO puppies were found deceased and abandoned in a bin bag along a path in Didcot.

The animals, believed to be chocolate Labradors, were found near the same place in a field near the Great Western Park estate last week.

A dog walker found the first puppy on Friday, July 29 wrapped in towels and inside a binbag off the path near Kestrel Way. It is believed the animal had been left there the night before.

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The animal was taken to a nearby vets and the RSPCA was called but the body of the dog was too badly decomposed for the vets to establish a cause of death.

The area was checked to make sure no other puppies had been left but none were found.

However, a second dog’s body was found on Sunday, July 31 wrapped in towels and left in a pink cardboard toy box in the exact same area.

The animal was taken to the vet and the RSCPA was informed again but the vets do not have a record of the dog being brought in.

On a post on Facebook, the resident who found the second dog said: “The puppies were literally along the path within the wooded area so hardly hidden from view.

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“This area is not a busy walking route but is frequently used mainly by dog walkers so wouldn’t really be known by those not living locally.

“The reason for my post is to ask walkers in particular to be vigilant and report any further incidents to the RSPCA.

“If anyone knows of anyone locally who has a litter puppies or has seen any being advertised locally online, or know of any puppies that have been stolen, then please report to the RSPCA.

“If on the odd chance whoever is doing this sees this message, f you cannot take care of your pets then you can freely surrender them at any shelter, take them to a vet or seek advice from any countless charity organisations.

“This takes no more effort than dumping them so inhumanely. I have often seen kids riding bikes in this area and I would hate for a kid to stumble across any animal in this condition.”

A spokesperson for the RSPCA said they always encourage people to contact them if they have any concerns about the welfare of any animal.

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They added they encourage animal owners to seek help from veterinary professionals immediately if they have health concerns for their pets, including any young pups or pregnant dogs.

They said: “We’re aware of the sad and distressing discoveries of these puppies and would urge anyone with information to contact us on 0300 123 8018.”


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