A thread on Reddit has seen users pretend that each area of Oxford is a guest at a house party, with hilarious results.

The thread was posted on the Oxford community subreddit which currently has more than 11,000 members.

The post, made by redditor agentcoopercooper13, asked the community: “Let’s pretend each area of Oxford is a guest at a massive house party. What are they up to?”

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The ensuing responses were entertaining and, strangely, accurate.

The top response was from user gracevanwahhh, who wrote: “Botley isn’t there because everyone forgot to invite them.”

Sadly for Botley, many people agreed with this and it is currently the top comment with 77 upvotes from the community.

Cheekily, agentcoopercooper13 added: “They would have got stuck in traffic anyway.”

“Summertown is moaning that their house is better,” redditor Azurnoob said, naturally referring to the fact houses in the area are extortionate compared to the rest of the city.

On Iffley, ashyjay said: “Iffley is the older friend who's blending into the background, who really wants to go home and doesn't fit in anymore.”

In a similar way to Summertown, Jericho was make fun of for its wealth and affluence.

“Jericho is the kid who grew up incredibly wealthy and goes on 3 international holidays a year with their familly, but is a little embarrassed about their wealth so plays it down to try and fit in with their cool poor friends,” WhiteIsNotAColour said.

Providing undoubtedly the most in-depth response Madman_Salvo wrote:

“Cowley arrives half-cut and blasts the music way too loud, but everyone forgives them because they've supplied most of the booze and a huge amount of snacks.

“Headington and New Marston both got invites that used their names interchangeably. Headington is smartly dressed in chinos and a shirt. You get the feeling New Marston tried to copy the outfit, but with cheaper clothing and to less success. They've brought their bastard child Northway with them, who is sat out in the garden, letting off fireworks. When Barton Fields approach, New Marston and Northway blank them completely.

“Marston Village turns up later in a full tweed suit.

“Everyone was a bit worried when they saw Rose Hill had been invited, but when they arrive they're actually looking better than anyone's seen them in a while!

“Wolvercote, Cutteslowe, Boars Hill, Kennington and Cumnor all stand outside awkwardly. They're not sure if they got invites or not.

“At 3AM Botley sends a message to the group chat, "Nearly there, guys! Just got stuck in a little traffic."”

You can read the thread in full here: reddit.com/r/oxford/comments/w6com0/lets_pretend_each_area_of_oxford_is_a_guest_at_a/


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