Botley Road is set to close next summer for work on the rail bridge as part of a project to upgrade Oxford Station.

While timings on how long the closure will last are unconfirmed, it is believed that it could be approximately three months.


Why is Botley Road being closed?

The rail bridge needs to be replaced as part of Network Rail’s plans to increase capacity at Oxford Station, and this will mean Botley Road will need to be completely closed.

The station is being expanded as it is ‘close to full capacity’, with services being increased from 2024.

A spokesperson for Oxfordshire County Council said: “This project is necessary to improve Oxford’s rail links and will be welcomed by train users as it will expand Oxford Station, enabling more train services to run, as well as increasing the capacity of Botley Road bridge under the railway for road users, including cyclists.”


When will the closure start?

Network Rail told the Oxford Mail they are in discussions with Oxfordshire County Council about the programme of work for the station, which is currently being finalised by their contractor, Kier.

But the key period will be next summer 2023 when they need to replace the bridge.

A spokesperson said: “This will mean the road and station will need to be completely closed. This is due to take place at the end of July or start of August.

“Ahead of that we will need to do preparation work, including the diversion of utility services.

"We are currently discussing all this with Oxfordshire County Council to establish best way of doing this.”

Oxford Mail:


How will train services be affected?

Lines in and out of Oxford Station are already set to be closed over four weekends in September and October, to facilitate the second phase of works to increase capacity.

This is currently set for the weekends of September 10-11, 17-18, and 24-25, plus October 1-2.

Buses will replace regular train services.


How will the traffic disruption be managed?

Oxfordshire County Council, as highways authority, said it is "exploring all options in minimising traffic disruption in connection with work due to be carried out to expand Oxford Station later this year and in 2023".

A spokesperson said: “No decisions have yet been taken, but the work will inevitably impact on users of Botley Road for a significant period of time."

The council said that as well as working with Network Rail, it is also working with Thames Water on using the same period to carry out repairs on Osney Bridge and avoid more disruption at a later date.

And it is also looking at using the closure as an opportunity to complete work on the Botley Road corridor, again to reduce future disruption.

A spokesperson said: “We will make announcements when arrangements have been made and will be keeping residents and road users informed about the plans as soon as we can."



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