A man has bought new security equipment to try and deter antisocial behaviour in ‘quiet and peaceful neighbourhood’.

Shane Davison, 32, who lives in Purslane Drive, Bicester, went into his garden yesterday evening to find that the back of his house and his garden had been egged.

His neighbours on either side have also been subjected to this stream of antisocial behaviour, with one woman’s house having been egged 3 times in the last month.

Mr Davison, who imports Siamese Fighting Fish from Thailand to sell in the UK, said: “The main issue, aside from the mess that it creates, is that we don’t know where these eggs are coming from.

“They could be really old, they could have been stolen from a farm somewhere or come from a shop. We just don’t know.

“The problem with that is if they are old, my dog might have eaten them and become ill.

"On top of that I have clients visiting me often, and I can't have them getting hit with eggs."

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After finding out from his neighbour, Beth, that her house had been egged a few weeks prior to his, he bought a CCTV camera to fix to the front of his house.

He added: “I just thought it might deter the behaviour. I put the camera up, took a photo of it and shared it on Facebook.”

Mr Davison’s neighbour Beth said: “Because of the warm weather the egg was horrible to get off.

“I found shells in my garden too. It could be very dangerous if my youngest picks them up and eats them.”


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