SIGNS to warn of a new cycle scheme have popped up in Cowley Road.

The quickways, an Oxfordshire County Council initiative, are cycle routes designed to provide a direct faster route into the centre of Oxford, and are ‘generally used by more confident cyclists’.

No waiting warning signs have been displayed, as the scheme begins to take shape in Cowley Road.

Quickways are also being introduced in Iffley Road, Donnington Bridge Road, Marston Road and Morrell Avenue.

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Neighbours in the latter protested against the quickways earlier this year, describing the scheme as ‘hurried’ and ‘high-handed’.

The county council responded to say it would ‘continue to listen to and respond to questions received from members of the public’.

An informal public consultation was undertaken between September 20 and October 31, with 1,448 responses to an online questionnaire, plus 185 emails received.

Overall, the majority of respondents supported the proposals with 75 per cent in favour, 21 per cent objecting and four per cent returning a neutral response.

A consultation on the regulatory elements of the scheme was undertaken between November 11 and December 17.

That online traffic regulation order consultation received a total of 909 responses, of which 824 were via questionnaire and 85 written submissions.

Overall, the responses generally mirrored those of the informal consultation.

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