A Banbury housebuilder is inviting residents to embrace wildlife on their doorsteps by offering free nature kits to local children.

To encourage the younger generation to learn more about the natural world, Redrow South Midlands is inviting local children to collect a free nature kit from its development, Bloxham Vale on Bloxham Road.

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The kits, which are available to collect until the end of the month, include wildflower seeds to help local wildlife to thrive, a magnifying glass, top nature facts, and a pair of ‘make-your-own’ binoculars.

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Redrow South Midlands conducted research which found that only 18% of those in the South East could tell the difference between bees and wasps, a common visitor to gardens during the summer months.

However, 71% of participants are able to identify common birds, such as pigeons, magpies and robins.

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