A burger restaurant with top Trip Advisor reviews and built on a reputation for having 'the best burgers on the planet' has closed.

Brets restaurant in Marriotts Walk in Witney only opened last February but is being forced to relocate to cheaper premises.

A photo on Witney Radio’s Facebook page shows a sign explaining the closure is "due to ever increasing costs".

However, the restaurant will reopen in Waterloo Walk.

Oxford Mail:

Restaurant owner Stephen Williams confirmed the closure is not permanent.

He said: "We are moving to a smaller more manageable location. Our new location is much cheaper, smaller so less staff needed - staff is a big issue."

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Brets specialises in burgers, steaks and cocktails and started serving food in Oxford in the late 1970s and early 1980s on the Cowley Road and later served burgers in a wooden shed on Park End Street near the railway station.

Mr Williams was the general manager for Brets in Oxford.

The Witney burger bar opened in February during the pandemic purely for takeaways and deliveries and when outside dining was allowed, Mr Williams put up a marquee for customers.

Brets opened for inside dining when restrictions allowed in May 2021 and was booked up several weeks in advance.

The Witney branch built on Brets' reputation created in Oxford and served burgers which received top ratings from customers such as The Aioli, The Hawaiian, and The Caribbean.

The restaurant was supplied with meat by award-winning butchers, Aubrey Allen.

West Oxfordshire District Council's food hygiene inspectors carried out an unexpected visit last May and gave the Witney restaurant five stars - the best possible marks.

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The restaurant also has received top Trip Advisor reviews.

Oxford Mail:

One happy customer gave it five stars and said: "The first time we had been out since 2020, we were out for a friend’s birthday. Having been a regular to Brets in Oxford the expectations were high. We were not disappointed, the food and the service were Amazing. Well done we will be back."



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