Spotify fans are obsessing over a new feature that brings our two favourite pastimes together - music and spending time with our pets. 

The new pet-friendly playlist is the latest feature this year, following the success of its 'Supergrouper' and 'Iceberg' trends. 

The music and podcast platform generates a playlist for your pet bird, cat hamster, dog and even iguana based on music that you love.

Here's everything you need to know about creating one that your pet will paws-itively love!

Make your pet a playlist with Spotify's new feature

Just like every year when Spotify Wrapped is released, music lovers have been taking to social media to share their top streams and hilarious reactions.

One user posted on Twitter: "Every time my best friend posts a story I hold my breath, today she posted her pet's spotify playlist. It was me, I was the pet."

Another person added: "guys this is so cute! you can make your pet a playlist now on Spotify matching with your music taste. this is mines."


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How to make your own Spotify Pet Playlist

If you want to create a cute playlist for your cat to curl up to or you want some tunes to help your budgie boogie, we're more than happy to help.

Head over to where it will ask you to sign in to your regular Spotify account.

The streaming platform will then ask you a series of questions to help curate the perfect playlist. 

Firstly, you'll be asked what kind of pet you have: dog, cat, bird, iguana or hamster before you start describing their personality.

There are a few slider questions where you can judge how relaxed or energetic, shy or friendly, apathetic or curious your adorable animal is.

Your answers let Spotify put together some tracks based on your music taste and your pets' needs.

And if your house is like Doctor Dolittle, don't despair because you can go back and make as many playlists as you like!

If you want to produce a pet playlist for yourself, simply visit the Spotify website.