An Oxford MP has tabled a motion in Parliament calling for Campsfield House Detention Centre in Kidlington to stay closed.

Campsfield House closed in 2018 after years of protest by activists who criticised conditions at the site.

The Home Office recently announced the Campsfield site will be redeveloped in order to create a 400 bed immigration removal centre (IRC) for adult males, comprising a new-build living unit alongside refurbishment and remodelling of existing accommodation.

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Layla Moran, Liberal Democrat MP for Oxford West and Abingdon, has now tabled a motion to keep the site shut.

The motion is supported by all 14 Liberal Democrat MPs, including party leader Ed Davey and Home Affairs Spokesperson Alistair Carmichael.

It calls for the Campsfield site to remain closed and for an end to the practice of indefinite detention. 

Oxford Mail: The centre closed after years of protest. Picture: Ed Nix The centre closed after years of protest. Picture: Ed Nix

The motion comes as Cherwell council voted down a motion to oppose the reopening of Campsfield earlier this week.

The motion was brought forward by the Progressive Oxfordshire group, led by the Liberal Democrats in the area.

Ms Moran said: “There’s no question about it, Campsfield House should not reopen. This failing Conservative Government is spending £227 million of taxpayers money on the proposal.

“That money would be far better spent on fixing our broken and cruel asylum system. It is a stain on the UK’s reputation that we are the only country in Western Europe to subject asylum seekers to indefinite detention. This practice must be brought to an end.

Oxford Mail: A rooftop demo shortly after Campsfield opened. Picture: Oxford Mail ArchiveA rooftop demo shortly after Campsfield opened. Picture: Oxford Mail Archive

“I’m grateful to have the support of my Liberal Democrat colleagues in opposing this heartless move by the Home Office. I hope that the huge number of local residents who I know are deeply concerned by these plans will feel some solace that we are fighting for them.

“The community in Kidlington, Oxford, and the surrounding areas successfully fought to close this detention centre before, and we will fight to keep it that way.”


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