YESTERDAY’S temperature in Oxford was the highest on record, according to figures from the UK’s longest running weather station.

The temperature recorded by the Radcliffe Observatory at 10am yesterday was 36.7 degrees, beating 36.5 degrees recorded in 2019.

Radcliffe observer Anlin Chen said: “It was the first time ever such a temperature was recorded in Oxford so it is very impressive for us.

“We think this kind of heatwaves could become more frequent and of greater magnitude due to climate change but it is difficult to say at the moment.

“There is a chance that today’s temperatures will also be record-breaking but we won’t know until tomorrow.”

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The Radcliffe Observatory only releases its readings after 10am every day so today’s temperature will be released tomorrow.

Temperatures yesterday reached 36.1 degrees at RAF Brize Norton and RAF Benson, according to official figures form the Met Office.

The Met Office expects temperatures to reach 40 degrees today, with official figures released later this afternoon.

Temperatures in Oxford yesterday topped those in Miami, Mauritius and the Maldives.

Yesterday’s heat saw 36 county schools either fully or partially close, led to disruption on the railways with trains forced to go slow on overheated rails, and even saw flights suspended at the county’s biggest military base, RAF Brize Norton due to concerns of the runway melting.

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