A man who was drugged then sexually assaulted by Luiz da Silva Neto said his attacker ‘belonged’ in prison.

The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, spoke out after a jury found the 36-year-old guilty by a majority of 10 to two of drugging and assaulting two men at an Oxfordshire AirBnB last winter.


Interviewed by Sky News, the first of Neto’s two victims said he could never forgive the man for what he did.

“[He] has to be in jail. That's my justice. He’s danger to society,” the man said.

“If he knew me and he did it with me, imagine if you find someone in a club that doesn't matter - their age, criteria or anything.

“He should be in prison. That's where he belongs. You can’t ruin someone's life.”

Oxford Mail: Luiz da Silva Neto Picture: TVPLuiz da Silva Neto Picture: TVP

The victim had driven from London to Neto’s cottage in Middle Barton, west Oxfordshire, to carry out some DIY work in early November last year.

He told jurors that he’d been given a drink by Neto, which ‘knocked him out’. He woke – paralysed – in the night to find the other man performing a sex act on him. When Neto realised his victim was awake he ‘slid’ down the man’s naked body.

During the trial, he strenuously denied the defendant’s account that the sexual activity had been consensual and followed the pair watching heterosexual pornography in the cottage living room.

Da Silva Neto, of Wandsworth, will be sentenced on Thursday for rape, sexual activity without consent, administering a substance with intent and possession of illicit drugs.

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