DETECTIVES fear ‘sexual predator’ Luiz da Silva Neto may have assaulted other victims.

The 36-year-old was found guilty at Oxford Crown Court this week of drugging two men with an 'unknown substance' - although possibly 'date rape drug' GHB - and sexually assaulting them in separate incidents at the chocolate box cottage in Middle Barton he ran as a holiday let.

DI James Holden-White told the Oxford Mail: “We’re still actively investigating his activities. I think it’s entirely possible there are further victims of his offending and I would encourage them to have the confidence and make themselves known to us.”

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Oxford Mail: Da Silva Neto in his police interview Picture: TVPDa Silva Neto in his police interview Picture: TVP

The senior investigating officer on Op Jion, the police probe into da Silva Neto, referenced the case of serial rapist Reynhard Sinaga - who got a life sentence in 2020 for drugging and raping almost 50 men in his Manchester flat.

“He’s a little guy. He’s slight of build,” Mr Holden-White said of da Silva Neto.

“He presents as a happy go lucky character, really, and this is where he’s dangerous, I think, because he doesn’t have a consideration for the impact of his offending on his victim. In that respect he’s very like Reynhard Sinaga.

“He’s a little guy who’s targeted much bigger, athletic people and has incapacitated them in order to offend against them.”

Oxford Mail: Reynhard Sinaga Picture: PA WIREReynhard Sinaga Picture: PA WIRE

He added: “We form a picture of someone who understands these substances [‘date rape drug’ GHB], uses these substances, is very, very self-confident in the way he will engage in sexual activity with people.

“He’s targeted people who they’re both straight men, they’ve both been given a drink and they’ve both suffered the effects of a substance consistent with a GHB-type substance.

“We believe this is part of his MO and we think therefore it’s entirely possible that he’s offended against other people either in London, where he lives, or in Oxfordshire near the cottage.

“There may be victims who have not as yet identified themselves. We are still actively investigating his activities.”

The detective inspector urged other victims to come forward by calling Thames Valley Police on the 101 non-emergency number and asking for Operation Jion.

“I think what we have is a predatory sex offender who is brazen in the way he’s operated and has an MO that involves targeting people in a position of vulnerability,” Mr Holden-White said.

Oxford Mail: Luiz da Silva Neto's custody shot Picture: TVPLuiz da Silva Neto's custody shot Picture: TVP

Welcoming the convictions, District Crown Prosecutor Claire Beards of the CPS said: “Luiz Inacio Da Silva Neto opportunistically targeted his victims, drugging and then sexually assaulting them when they were in no position to consent.

“He denied any wrongdoing and claimed his actions were all done consensually. However, thanks to the incredible bravery of the victims in coming forward with their accounts, and supporting drug evidence, we were able to build a strong case against him so that the jury could be sure he was guilty.”

Da Silva Neto, of Wandsworth, London, will be sentenced on Thursday.

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