Two scientists from Oxfordshire’s Diamond Light Source and a games specialist researched and designed Diamond: The Game for secondary school pupils.

The game is designed to give students experience of the different aspects of working in scientific research and life as a scientist.

It also shows how research at a facility like Diamond at Harwell Campus underpins successful science.

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Miss Greenwood, a teacher in Reading reviewing the game, said: “A fantastic game to ignite the scientist in all our young people. Easy to follow instructions and lesson plans. An easy win for fellow busy teachers across all key stages.”

Oxford Mail:

The team play-tested the game with 222 students, many of whom were visiting Diamond for one of its open days or when the authors visited local schools.

In July 2020, they created and released a free print and play version, which has had over 14,000 players from 30+ countries, distributed online and via direct contact through schools. A boxed version of the game is now being distributed to 100 UK schools in underserved areas via an STFC Sparks award grant.

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Author, Dr Claire Murray, said; “Board games can be powerful, reusable and entertaining tools for directly engaging students and the public with scientific research. Conveying cutting-edge science through play is not trivial.”

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