The world-famous Red Arrows will fly over Oxfordshire today and tomorrow on the way to various air shows across the country.

The Red Arrows fly distinctive Hawk-fast jets and are well-known for their incredible displays which showcase speed, agility and precision.

If you are keen to spot the team in the skies then you are in luck, they will pass over the county this afternoon (July 1) and tomorrow (July 2).

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Read below to see the route and where you can spot the Red Arrows:

Today (July 1)

The team will fly over Oxfordshire on the way to Exeter.

The route:

  1. West of Scampton – 3.20pm
  2. East of Fiskerton – 3.22pm
  3. North east of Billingborough – 3.35pm
  4. South east of Tugby – 3.30pm
  5. South east of Northampton – 3.33pm
  6. North of Cold Aston – 3.40pm
  7. North east of Cirencester – 3.42pm
  8. Vicinity of Winterbourne Bassett – 3.44pm
  9. Vicinity of Glastonbury – 3.51pm
  10. North east of Cullompton – 3.56pm
  11. Exeter – 3.57pm

Oxford Mail: Picture:

Where you can spot the Red Arrows in Oxfordshire:

You can spot the Red Arrows on this route between Northampton (3.33pm) and Cold Aston (3.40pm).

Route will take the planes across Banbury and Chipping Norton.


Tomorrow (July 2)

On Saturday, the Red Arrows will perform at two air shows; the Wales National Airshow and Teignmouth Airshow.

The return journey for the Red Arrows from Exeter will see them fly back from Exeter and land at Brize Norton.

The route:

  1. Exeter – 7.30pm
  2. South of Bickleigh – 7.32pm
  3. South of Taunton – 7.35pm
  4. North west of Glastonbury – 7.38pm
  5. West of Trowbridge – 7.40pm
  6. South west of Swindon – 7.44pm
  7. North West of Cirencester – 7.46pm
  8. North of Burford – 7.49pm
  9. Brize Norton – 7.50pm

Oxford Mail: Picture:

Where you can spot the Red Arrows in Oxfordshire:

The best time to spot the planes will be as they fly between Burford (7.49pm) and Brize Norton (7.50pm).


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