THE new liberal democratic prospective parliamentary candidate for the Wantage and Didcot constituency wants to improve poverty, public transport, infrastructure, and more.

Councillor Olly Glover, who lives in Milton, has been voted to represent the party at the next General Election.

He hopes to show constituents that he would be a “better, locally-focused” MP by holding current conservative MP David Johnston to account.

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Mr Glover, who works as head of safety for Network Rail, said: “What I think the constituency needs is an economy that works better for everyone because we do have pockets of poverty - people still rely on food banks.

Oxford Mail: Olly GloverOlly Glover

“Also some of the employment sectors that are really important like a lot of the science and high-tech stuff at Harwell and Milton Park is being really badly supported at the moment and losing out on European Union funding and there’s just a lack of long term investment in skills and education.

“We are also seeing a lot of housing coming in which is a concern to many, but it seems to me most people are concerned because the housing is going without investment in public transport, walking, cycling, water infrastructure, GP capacity, etc.

“So we need we need to have more sustainable developments and a planning system that puts all the infrastructure and services in before the houses.

“For the bigger picture, we've got a government that many people are fed up with because they've broken their own rules, they're threatening to tear up trade agreements with the EU, their tarnishing our reputation.”

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Oxford Mail:

Mr Glover, who has worked in local politics for a couple of years, said he sees it as his job to “shadow” Mr Johnston.

He said: “I will now see it as my job sort of being the shadow David Johnston MP watching his voting record closely, holding him to account, and also showing people that I'm the I'm the locally focused representative who could be a better MP for our area if people choose the Liberal Democrats at the next general election.

“The Tiverton and Honiton by-election last Thursday, when the Lib Dems won that from the Conservatives, it was a 30 per swing - we only need a swing of half of that to win this constituency for democrats.

“So I think it is very winnable for us, I think there's a party we've got huge amounts to offer of in terms of education, economy and environment and if people put their trust in us we can build on our track record.”

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Mr Glover added he felt “grateful” for this opportunity and said it was through a “lot of hard work”.


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