Three years ago, thousands of people were saddened when the almond tree in High Street in Oxford had to be cut down, before being replaced with a new one.

In January 2019 tourists from around the globe went on social media to express their grief when the tree outside the University Church of St Mary the Virgin was removed.

It had been damaged in the previous year's heatwave and had to be cut down for safety reasons.

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Oxford Mail:

But thanks to funding from Jeremy Mogford, the hotelier who owns The Old Bank opposite the church, a new almond tree was planted in April 2019.

The new tree, and two other new trees  alongside it, are now thriving outside the church.

The other two new trees were a Kashmir Rowan and a tree of Judea and they all stand alongside a well-established magnolia tree.

Rev Dr William Lamb, the vicar of the university church, said he was delighted the new trees were doing well. 

Oxford Mail:

He said: "The new trees are growing fine and they look great - people were really appreciative of the work that was done.

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"The new almond tree has a very pale pink blossom in the spring.

"There are lots of tourists around at the moment people really enjoy looking at the trees as they walk by."

Oxford Mail:

Rev Lamb said the church is getting lots of visitors at the moment who are visiting to see the giant sculpture of the earth inside.

Oxford Mail:

The art installation will remain at the church until July 10.

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The new almond tree, sourced from Kingsdown Nurseries in Swindon, was not been planted in exactly the same place as its predecessor in order to avoid the possibility of it becoming diseased, and was planted instead in a new location at the front of the church. 

When the original almond tree collapsed in the heat, it prompted responses from people around the world who shared their favourite photos of the tree, which had been in place for decades. 

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