A PROTEST against perceived overdevelopment in Oxford is set to take place this weekend.

Neighbours in the Marston area are set to join forces for the demonstration on Sunday, with more than 200 homes already given the green light.

In May 2021, a 159-home estate called Hill View Farm, situated at the end of Mill Lane, was approved by Oxford City Council.

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Then, in October, 80 homes in Mill Lane were approved, with 40 more set for Old Marston Paddock.

Former city councillor in the Marston ward, Mick Haines, told the Oxford Mail: “Residents of the St Nicholas Park caravan site are up in arms, and are very worried about it.

“All the traffic will have to go through Mill Lane – my concern is the flooding in Marston.

“It floods regularly in Old Marston, and flooded only the other day.”

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The protest will take place at 12pm on Sunday in Butts Lane.

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