A SHORTAGE of naked men in Oxford could lead to bridal parties choosing other cities, says manager of a naked butler company.

David Walsh, who manages Buff Boyz, a topless waiting service, says there is a nationwide shortage of naked butlers, but adds that problem is particularly prevalent in Oxford.  

He said the service, which was founded in 2019, caters about 10 to 15 events across the county per week but he has to “let some guests down” due to a lack of waiters.

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Oxford Mail: (Credit: Buff Boyz)(Credit: Buff Boyz)

“Since lockdown ended the demand for our service has skyrocketed,” he said. “We have to send the same four to five guys to these events and sometimes we have to let people down.

“We work with businesses like Airbnb and rented accommodation and if we’re not able to provide the service then guests will find other accommodation that isn’t in Oxford.

“One of the criteria for booking parties in a certain location will be services like this. I’ve spoken to a lot of brides organising their bridal parties and on a Friday they like to use our service and on the Saturday they want to explore the city.

“If they can’t get the guys on the Friday, they won’t book the party in the location itself. It’s a big concern for us because we cover a lot of events in Oxford.”

Mr Walsh believes there are a lack of recruits due to men being unaware of the role and its benefits.

Oxford Mail: (Credit: Buff Boyz)(Credit: Buff Boyz)

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“If people don’t know about something they won’t go out and find it themselves,” he said. “The problem isn’t getting the guys, the issue is getting the exposure for them to be aware of it – I don’t think there has been enough publicity for the job itself.

“It’s a great role because one, it’s a great way to boost your confidence, two, you socialise with loads of different people every week, and three, the pay is good.

“We want to recruit guys in Oxford because it’s a great place for parties. We get about 15 events in a week around the county but we don’t have enough guys.

Oxford Mail: (Credit: Buff Boyz)(Credit: Buff Boyz)

“We only have about five staff members at the moment and we’ve already had four additional bookings this morning.”

Mr Walsh now hopes to recruit men between the ages of 21 to 40.

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He added: “Most of our guests are aged between 24 and 50 so we don’t want to hire any 18-year-olds”.

For more information, or to apply, visit: buffboyz.co.uk/buff-butlers-oxford


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