Here we look at photos from the Oxford Mail archive from the 1980s.

It was a decade when the landlord of the Abingdon Arms in Thame gave a donkey a pint, and people protested outside a sex shop on Cowley Road, calling for it to close.

Oxford Mail:

Mothers mounted a protest picket as the city's first sex shop opened its doors in March 1981.

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The handful of early customers - including two middle aged women - had to run a gauntlet of placard-waving protesters who thronged the pavement outside the shop in Cowley Road.

There were even scuffles as one man tried to wrestle a press photographer's camera from him after being photographed leaving the store.

Oxford Mail:

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The pickets - mothers, local residents and feminist group members - started assembling outside the shop shortly before it opened and said they planned to continue the picket for months if necessary until the shop moves out.

Protests continued the following year.

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