The price of fuel continues to climb, with people having to drive because of the rail strikes feeling the pinch in their pocket. 

On average, the 10 cheapest places to get petrol in Oxford comes in at around £1.85 a litre, while diesel is around £1.95. 

These are the cheapest places to find fuel in Oxford today: 


  1. Shell Garsington Road (Shell Cowley) – 184.9p
  2. Esso A40 (Eynsham Express) – 184.9p
  3. BP Woodstock Road (Woodstock SF Connect) – 185.9
  4. A34 Peartree Roundabout Welcome Break Service Area – 185.9p
  5. Sainsburys Kidlington – 185.9p
  6. Sainsburys Heyford Hill – 186.9p
  7. BP Oxford Road (MFG Cowley) – 187.9
  8. BP Kidlington (Frasers Budgens of Yarnton) – 188.9p
  9. Shell Kidlington (Yarnton Service Station) – 189.9
  10. BP A40 (MFG Eynsham) – 189.9


  1. BP Woodstock Road (Woodstock SF Connect) – 193.9p
  2. BP Kidlington (Frasers Budgens of Yarnton) – 194.9p
  3. Esso A40 (Eynsham Express) – 194.9p
  4. Shell Kidlington (Yarnton Service Station) – 195.8p
  5. A34 Peartree Roundabout Welcome Break Service Area – 195.9p
  6. Sainsburys Kidlington – 195.9p
  7. BP Cherwell Drive (MFG Cherwell) – 197.9p
  8. Shell London Road (Shell Waitrose Headington) – 197.9p
  9. Sainsburys Heyford Hill – 197.9p
  10. BP Oxford Road (MFG Cowley) – 199.9p


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