A FESTIVAL organised by members of a close-knit Oxford neighbourhood will take place today with live music, dancing, food and a laser show.

FloFest is a celebration of the community of Florence Park, near Cowley, and will see revellers treated to bands, DJ sets, family activities and fun organised by Oxford Playhouse and the Museum of Oxford.

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There will be West African kora playing from Witney artist Jali Fily Cissokho and rock from Pearl Diver. It takes place in the park from 11am-4.30pm.

It will be followed by a night of music, dance and illuminations, dubbed GloFest. Artists playing include Flights of Helios, Zaia, DJs James Ussher and Dan Ofer, Call.Me.Tiece and Papa Nui.

Tickets are available online from flofest.uk/glofest


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