People who get food at Witney Community Fridge have been reminded to treat its  volunteers "with the respect they deserve".

The fridge takes in surplus food from supermarkets which is past its best but still good to eat and makes it available to the community.

The food is offered free to everyone.

A post on Facebook from community group Witney Food Revolution, which runs the fridge as well as a community larder, said: "We are very disappointed that our volunteers were treated in a disrespectful, abusive manner by some visitors at today’s fridge opening.

"Our stock levels naturally vary, and if you are asked to limit the amount you are taking, it is so we can provide food to as many people as possible."

Witney Community Fridge is currently open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm at The Luke Room, Methodist Church, 40 High Street, Witney, and is free to all.  

Witney Food Revolution (formerly Community Larder) is membership based - in conjunction with the charity SOFEA.  You can sign up at 

Every week is different but it costs £3.50 for 10 items plus four fruit and veg choices.