A disabled pensioner has complained he is being squeezed off buses by mums with buggies.

Both Oxford Bus Company and Stagecoach have expressed sympathy for Bob Light, 65, who was unable to board four buses in succession outside The Swan in Cowley Road because pushchairs occupied the wheelchair space.

Mr Light, 65, from Headington, said many mothers were extremely considerate, but claimed that his attempts to travel into the city centre were becoming a nightmare.

If pushchairs are left in the space for wheelchairs, mums are requested but not legally obliged to fold them up.

Mr Light said: "I travel into town all the time and I think the bus companies have got it wrong.

"Nothing should be in the wheelchair space except wheelchairs at any one time.

"All pushchairs should be folded up and then you wouldn't have a problem.

"Don't get me wrong - a lot of women do fold them up when you ask, but a lot don't and I think it's disgusting."

Oxford Bus Company director Louisa Weeks said she sympathised with people with wheelchairs who had problems.

"We do know that from time to time the wheelchair space is already taken by buggies," she admitted.

"Unfortunately, despite signs saying that wheelchair users have priority, some passengers refuse to move their buggies and on occasions they've been extremely rude to our drivers.

"We really are between a rock and a hard place and drivers need the wisdom of Solomon to resolve disputes at times. We'd love to wave a magic wand and come up with a solution that keeps everyone happy."

Stagecoach spokesman Chris Child said his company's policy was the same.

But he explained: "Drivers cannot enforce this and passengers do refuse.

"This puts them in a difficult position when a passenger is less sympathetic to a wheelchair user.

"We work closely with disabled passengers to understand their concerns and this is something which they regularly raise with us."