KILLER driver Aron Hicks told his victim’s family that causing Brian Hunt’s death would be his ‘life’s biggest regret’.

The 28-year-old van driver was jailed for 40 months at Oxford Crown Court yesterday for causing the crash on the A417 near Cholsey that claimed the life of Mr Hunt, 78.

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In a letter to his victim’s family, read to the court, Hicks said: “I know that no amount of apologies or condolences can make this situation any better for you all.

“I can only begin to imagine the depth of your shock and grief. Knowing that my actions have caused this pain will be my life’s biggest regret.

“My pain is irrelevant, however. It is your sorrow which I wish to acknowledge in this letter.”

He added: “I am so sorry that my actions have created this trauma within your family.

“I know my words may be of no comfort, but I hope by knowing I acknowledge your pain and knowing I am taking full responsibility and accountability for my actions that this helps in some small way.

"I am truly, deeply sorry.”

Oxford Mail: Aron Hicks Picture: TVPAron Hicks Picture: TVP

During his sentencing hearing on Monday, Hicks broke down in tears as he heard victim personal statements read out from Mr Hunt’s widow and two sons.

In mitigation, the dangerous driver was said to have suffered deteriorating mental health since the crash, for which he had received therapy. His relationship had also broken down.

You can read our full report from the court hearing here.

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