A RADIO station has two new presenters and has changed its schedule for the first time since it started 15 years ago.

Broadcaster Iain Lee and comedian Dom Joly are joining JACKfm Oxfordshire this month with Mr Lee on a new weekday breakfast show and Mr Joly hosting the weekly Sunday show.

Mr Lee, formerly of LBC, Absolute Radio and Talk Radio, said he is “champing at the bit” to get back on the radio with his new show, “Iain Lee’s Rude Awakening”

Oxford Mail: Dom JolyDom Joly

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He said: “I’m absolutely thrilled that JACKfm has taken a punt on me that I won’t get them in trouble.

“In a world of doom and darkness, I’ll be bringing a well needed bit of colour and silliness to anyone who fancies listening.”

Oxford Mail: Iain LeeIain Lee

Mr Joly, who is best known for the hidden camera series Trigger Happy TV, will be the new station voice and host a weekly Sunday show, “Dom Joly’s Sunday Session”.

He said: “I can think of no greater gift to the good people of Oxfordshire than to have my voice be the background to their daily life. You’re welcome.”

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Other changes to the schedule include Trevor Marshall moving to a new daily drive show, “Knocking Off with Trev”, and sports broadcaster Andrew Self returns to JACKfm after a nine year break and a stint at BBC Radio Oxford with a new Sunday sports review show, “The Morning After with Selfy”.

Oxford Mail: Trevor MarshallTrevor Marshall

Comedian Jake Yapp will also be joining the station as a second station voice.

The new schedule and team were put together by Steve Simms who re-joined JACKfm in April as a programme controller after working there 11 years ago when he produced the Sony Gold-winning 2 Strangers & A Wedding.

He had left to become the Programme Controller of JACKfm South Coast.

Oxford Mail: Andrew SelfAndrew Self

“I’m delighted to have returned to the JACK brand,” he said. “I have been given an amazing opportunity to reinvent the wheel.

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“I’m confident that we now have the perfect blend of big names and local heritage to compete with the big boys, whilst retaining the spirit of the original JACK fm, which I still have much affection for - we play what we want and we’re not afraid to say it.”

The new schedule in full is:


7am – 10am Iain Lee’s Rude Awakening

10am – 3pm Non-stop JACKfm

3pm – 6pm Knocking Off With Trev

(Friday only) 6pm – Midnight Pub Classics

Oxford Mail:


12-4pm  -Union JACK

4pm – 6pm Non-stop JACKfm

6pm – Midnight Pub Classics


9am – 12pm The Morning After with Selfy

12pm – 2pm Dom Joly’s Sunday Session

2pm – 6pm Pub Classics


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