Readers are now being asked to vote to help us to find the best cafe in Oxford.

Cafes across the city are competing to win the title Oxford Mail Best Cafe 2022.

A shortlist of 10 cafes has been drawn up and readers are now being asked to nominate their favourite cafe.

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The latest two cafes to be featured on the shortlist are BBuona Pinsa Bar in Gloucester Green, and Tree Artisan Cafe in Little Clarendon Street.

Oxford Mail:

For a number of years BBuona has been one of the city’s most highly rated pizzerias, and has a five-star rating on reviews site Tripadvisor.

Last year, the menu was relaunched and the menu now focuses on Pinsa-style pizzas.

Pinsa was originally a recipe to use left-over cereals and flours that could not be sold in the markets and the farmers used them to make a crunchy and light focaccia.

While the restaurant is the focus in the evening, BBuona is busy during the day as a cafe.

Oxford Mail: A member of staff at BBuona

Manager Andy Bershini said: “I am delighted that we are on the shortlist of best cafes.

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“We pride ourselves on providing lovely Italian coffee and sourcing exactly the right ingredients for the dishes we serve in the restaurant.

Oxford Mail:

“Lunchtimes are very busy when it’s more like a cafe and then in the evening it’s a pizzeria.

“We love the reaction we get from our customers - people are genuinely happy after trying our pizzas.”

People can nominate their favourite on a coupon in the paper and send it in.

The closing date for postal entries is Sunday, June 26, and the winner will be announced on Thursday, June 30.

Also in the running for best cafe is Tree Artisan Cafe in Little Clarendon Street.

Oxford Mail:

Graziella Ascensao, originally from Brazil, opened the cafe in September 2020.

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She said: “We opened during the pandemic, but we did very well and created a place where people feel at home - they feel very welcome.

“We get lots of regular customers - they are amazing.

“There are students from the university, lots of locals, teachers - it’s a real mix.

“We are a speciality coffee shop and we sell homemade cakes and sandwiches too with different fillings.

“Starting this business has been my passion, and I wanted to locate it here because Oxford is a place where people are studying to follow their dreams.”

She added: “That’s why the cafe is called Tree because you put in the seeds and then watch them grow.

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“I’m pleased we are on the shortlist and hopefully our customers will vote for us.”

Following the pandemic, businesses in the city are getting back to normal and eateries are thriving as people, including office workers, residents and tourists call in.

Oxford Mail editor Andrew Colley said: “Cafes are at the heart of our community and we want to recognise cafes and their staff for the work they do.”

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