Oxford is packed with great cafes but these five really stand out from the crowd. 

They may not be everyone's cup of tea, but they certainly serve great coffee. 

If you know a cafe that would make a great addition to this list make sure to add it in the comments. 

1) Dreckly's Cafe Boat

Oxford Mail: Dreckly's Cafe Boat at Long Bridges, OxfordDreckly's Cafe Boat at Long Bridges, Oxford

If you're lucky, you may spot a bright yellow boat cafe pop up along the river in Oxford

It has been spotted at Long Bridges, Jericho, Summertown, Wolvercote, and Kidlington, changing location frequently.

It serves Vegan takeaway food, such as pizzas and cakes, as well as a strong cup of tea and freshly brewed coffee. 

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2) The Handle Bar 

Oxford Mail: The Handle Bar cafe and restaurant in Oxford.The Handle Bar cafe and restaurant in Oxford.

This cafe, restaurant and bar nestled above a bicycle shop on St Michael Street has a very fitting decor, with bikes suspended from the shop front and ceiling. 

It is a popular haunt for cycling enthusiasts, understandably, and a tangle of bikes can usually be seen parked out front. 

It's a great spot to refuel before or after a cycle ride. 

3) Gulp Fiction 

Oxford Mail: Gulp Fiction at the Covered Market in Oxford.Gulp Fiction at the Covered Market in Oxford.

A relatively new addition to Oxford, Gulp Fiction is a cafe where you can not only pick up a great coffee and a book but choose from a great range of craft beers. 

The secondhand book store opened this year is selective with which books it accepts and aims to create an experience. 

Another great quirk is that market visitors can grab food somewhere else and bring it to the store to eat it, according to owner Oliver Mason. 

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4) Queen's Lane Coffee House

Oxford Mail: Queen's Lane Coffee House, Oxford.Queen's Lane Coffee House, Oxford.

This cosy cafe just off High Street may seem unassuming from the outside, but it has an incredible history dating back to the 17th century. 

It claims to be the longest established coffee house in Europe.

The Grand Cafe down the road is known to be the site of the first coffee house in England, as referenced in Samuel Pepy's diary in 1650, but it has hosted many different businesses since then. 

5) Vaults & Garden Cafe

Oxford Mail: Vaults & Garden cafe preparing for an event.Vaults & Garden cafe preparing for an event.

The Vaults & Garden Cafe is a much-loved restaurant-cafe in the heart of Oxford, evident from the huge queues at lunchtime. 

Set in the University Church, and accessed around the back in Radcliffe Square, the building dates back to the 1300s. 

The inside has a distinctly Hogwarts feel, with its vaulted ceilings, and busy chatter and clatter. 

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