Readers are being asked to help us to find the best cafe in Oxford.

Cafes across the city can compete to win the title Oxford Mail Best Cafe 2022.

Some cafes, likes Brown’s in the Covered Market, have been serving customers for decades, while others have only been open for a short time.

Brown’s has been serving people cooked breakfasts since 1924 but other cafes are newcomers by comparison.

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The Spires Cafe in Gloucester Green only opened in February but it is already busy every day.

It doesn’t take long for staff to build up a great rapport with their customers, who often call in on a daily basis as part of their routine.

Oxford Mail:

Following the pandemic, businesses in the city are getting back to normal and some eateries are thriving as people, including office workers, residents and tourists call in.

We want you to nominate your favourite, whether it’s because of their perfectly roasted coffee, and selection of teas, the delicious food, or the friendly welcome.

Let us know your favourite and it could be in with a chance of winning the title.

Oxford Mail editor Andrew Colley said: “There are lots of excellent cafes across the city.

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“Your favourite local cafe might be in the city centre or just outside.

“This could be a place you visit every day, or once a week as part of your routine.

“We want to hear about cafes right across Oxford so that we can publish a top 10 that people can vote for.

“Cafes are at the heart of our community and we want to recognise cafes and their staff for the work they do.”

All you need to do to nominate your favourite cafe is scan the QR code or visit

Nominations will be open until Sunday, June 3.

We will then publish the top 10 cafes as chosen by readers along with a coupon to vote for their favourite.

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While some people prefer to use chains, others always seek out independent traders and there are plenty of independently run cafes and eateries in Oxford, including several in the historic Covered Market.

Cafes in the market include Brown’s and Brother’s.

Oxford Mail:

A more recent arrival is Gulp Fiction, a business selling coffee, beer, and secondhand books.

Oliver Mason opened the secondhand bookshop and coffee house in February and it is open six days a week, from Tuesday to Sunday.

It’s the first time there has been a proper bookshop at the market since The Little Bookshop closed in 2003.

Many cafes work with local bakers to keep their customers supplied with the tastiest cakes, made from locally sourced ingredients.

Oxford Mail:

While some cafes focus on tea, coffee and cakes, others offer fuller menus, with a variety of cuisines from around the globe.

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