Youngsters got the chance to try out their customer service skills when they served behind the tills at an Oxford supermarket.

Tesco invited them to the Oxford Superstore as VIPs to get a unique experience of the world of work.

The retail giant had donated £2,000 to Blackbird Leys Adventure Playground (BLAP) and allowed some of the children to try out working for them.

The ‘temporary young colleagues’ were kitted out in their own uniform of high-vis vests and name badges.

BLAP is a charity which runs an after-school club for children aged 8-13 in Blackbird Leys, as well as a range of holiday schemes.

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Bronan Ross, lead manager at the store, said: “The people at BLAP provide such amazing support for the local children. It’s actually on the estate where I grew up, so I know it well.

“It provides a safe haven for children after school and a consistent stable environment for children who may be going through a lot."

The youngsters were among the first people to sit in one of the new electric Dotcom vans, while shift leader Darren Church-Russell explained the environmental benefits of Tesco going electric.

Paula Williams, community champion at the store, said: “The visit also involved a role-play exercise on the checkouts, where we engaged with the young people about the importance of great customer service.

“I think they loved this the most. They understood and delivered some absolutely great customer service.

“These young people are not only our future customers, but some are our future Tesco colleagues and managers.”