New rapid EV chargers open at Headington Car Park, Old Greyfriars Street, and Leys Pool and Leisure centre.

It follows the launch of other rapid taxi charging sites last year at Keble Road and Manzil Way Gardens.

There are two bays with a rapid charger at Leys Pool and Leisure centre; two parking bays with one rapid charger at Old Greyfriars Street; two parking bays with one rapid charger at Headington Car Park; six parking bays with three fast chargers at Headington Car Park.

Rapid chargers can fully charge an electric vehicle in well under an hour, and typically can achieve 90 miles of range in 30 minutes at a cost of £6.50.

Oxford City Council is temporarily allowing the public to use the rapid electric taxi charging points to encourage EV uptake.

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Two parking bays – one at the Leys Pool and Leisure Centre charger, one at the rapid charger at Headington car park, will be temporarily available for public use.

The three fast chargers at Headington will be available permanently for any electric vehicle to use.

As the number of electric taxis in the city grows, and the Redbridge Park & Ride Superhub arrives, public use of these charging points will be reviewed.

Councillor Louise Upton, cabinet member for health and transport, said: "Supporting the uptake of electric vehicles is part of our journey to become a zero carbon city by 2040, and ensuring drivers can easily charge their vehicles will help us to achieve this.

"While some electric vehicles can be expensive, they can provide savings on running costs in comparison to a diesel or petrol car. We hope that these rapid chargers will help give more people the encouragement to make the switch.”

A map with the location of all public charging points in Oxford can be found here.