A violinist on a slack rope wowed crowds in Oxford City Centre yesterday with his unique set. 

Buskers regularly perform at Bonn Square, outside the Westgate centre, but performer Kwabana Lindsay's violin-slack-rope-stunt had jaws dropping left, right, and centre with dozens stopping in their tracks to watch.

A slack rope differs from tightwires and tightropes in that it can stretch and bounce like a long and narrow trampoline.

Oxford Mail: Balancing act violinist wows Oxford crowds.Balancing act violinist wows Oxford crowds.

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Mr Lindsay, was born in Accra, Ghana, where he claims to have picked up his African rhythm and balance skills.

On his website, he shared that he grew up mainly in Leicester, England where he started his performing career playing Guitar, harmonica and singing on street corners of the market.

The performer, dubbed 'fiddler on the rope', has toured the world and performs regularly at Glastonbury Festival and The Edinburgh Fringe.

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