A bollard that was set up today as part of a low traffic neighbourhood (LTN) scheme on Cowley Road has already been knocked down. 

It was set up as part of a six-month trial taking place in the Divinity Road, St Clement’s, and St Mary’s areas to limit traffic on certain roads in the area.

Amir Steve Ali who stood as an independent candidate for St Clement's in the recent local elections shared a photo of the bollard, which is no longer standing and has been placed in one of the adjacent planters. 

It had been standing on Temple Street, off Cowley Road, by the Nandos.

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On why this may have happened, Mr Ali said: "People are angry. The only time people get angry is when people feel there is an injustice that has been done to them.

"People feel like they have no choice but to take action into their own hands. The traffic situation is a total nightmare at the moment.

"But it's not the right way of doing things. You have to solve problems by acting by the rule book."

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