A convicted rapist has been jailed for ‘yet another’ breach of a court order designed to control his access to the web.

Christian Williamson, 33, was being monitored by the probation service following his release from prison when he was found to have deleted apps Facebook, Snapchat and Cuddle from his phone – in breach of a sexual harm prevention order requiring him to save his internet history.

The breach was found-out by officers from Thames Valley Police’s public protection unit when they visited the Wallingford home in March where Hull-native Williamson was staying with his girlfriend.

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Although he was out, his girlfriend told police where they could find her partner’s phone.

They could see that the defendant had deleted the apps that had been seen on the mobile during a visit a fortnight earlier.

By deleting the apps – and any web history stored on them – he was in breach of a sexual offence prevention order imposed at Manchester Crown Court in 2014 for inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

His record of sexual offending dated back to 2005, when he was convicted of raping a woman over-16.

The defendant, of Albemarle Street, Hull, pleaded guilty at Oxford Magistrates’ Court in April to breach of a sexual offence prevention order.

Jailing him for 14 months at Oxford Crown Court on Thursday, Judge Nigel Daly said: “I think you’ve appeared in front of the court something in the region of 25 times for numerous offences of a variation.

“The ones that give most concern are offences of a sexual nature including rape and causing a female child under-16 to engage in sexual activity.

“As a result, you have been given a sexual harm prevention order. The purpose of those orders is to protect the public and particularly to [protect] young women.

“You have frequently breached those orders and here you are again breaching an order.

“You know what is contained within that order and you deliberately breach them again and again and again. These are court orders to protect the public.”

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Mitigating, Dana Bilan said her client had had a terrible childhood pockmarked by abuse. His mother, from whose care he was taken when he was four years old, was said to have burned him with cigarette butts.

She asked the judge to consider imposing a suspended sentence to enable her client to work with the probation service.

He remains subject to the sexual harm prevention order for life. He continues to be a registered sex offender.

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