College music students cranked up the volume to take part in a pop-up gig for mental health awareness.

Music performance and production students at City of Oxford College took part in the campus gig to mark the culmination of Activate Learning’s Mental Health Awareness Week events between May 9 and 13.

Students showcased their music  and a variety of bands and solo artists performed different genres of music, featuring many original songs. 

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Nick Reiber Hodgson, music teacher at the college, shared his thoughts on the success of the event said: “I'm extremely proud of our students who always express creativity and animated and engaging performances.”

Oxford Mail:

He added: “The atmosphere in the department is extremely supportive and we encourage the students to express themselves both creatively in their song writing and musicianship but also physically with their image and identity and stage movement.”

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The Head of Campus at City of Oxford College, Mat Sentence said: “Mental Health Awareness Week was such a success at our Oxford Campuses with so many varied and engaging activities.”

Oxford Mail:

He added: “It’s events like these that raise awareness and bring to the forefront of our minds, the importance of sharing, supporting and being here for one another. This week, we saw students and staff come together and remind each other the values of being part of a very special college community.”

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