Frontline medical staff in Oxford hospitals have resorted to wearing body cameras just to feel safe at work following a spike in aggressive incidents, but staff are sad it has come to this.

In November 2020, there were 80 reported incidents around violence and aggression. In November 2021, this figure more than doubled to 180.

According to Thames Valley Police crime data, in March 2022, 10 crimes were recorded as ‘violent and sexual offences’ in and around the site of the John Radcliffe Hospital.

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The cameras, worn by A&E medical staff at the John Radcliffe in Oxford and the Horton in Banbury, were originally just worn by security.

However, now designated medical staff are also wearing the smartphone sized cameras to help deter hospital visitors from being aggressive and to keep themselves and patients safe.

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The body camera trial is part of the wider ‘No Excuses’ campaign, which launched earlier this year following a sharp rise in reported incidents around violence and aggression towards Oxford University Hospital (OUH) staff.

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) is disappointed it has come to wearing body cameras to feel safe at work.

Theresa Curry, Royal College of Nursing senior regional officer for Oxfordshire said: “It’s really sad it has come to this, but the Trust have done their research and feel this is the best measure for staff at this time.”

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