A POST box topper to honour all those who worked and died at Didcot Power Station has been created by anonymous crocheter, “Yarnsy”.

The piece, called Grandads Smokey Towers, has been put on top of a post box in Broadway, Didcot and features three chimneys with smoke, a control room and a scenic grass bottom.

“Yarnsy”, who wants to stay anonymous, said the creation was “a real labour of love” and took about three weeks to complete.

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Oxford Mail:

She said: “Obviously patterns for giant chimneys, cooling towers and the control room are not readily available so this one was designed completely from my own imagination.

“It took about three weeks to complete however I did go back and redo the chimneys a few times as they just didn’t quite look right and I know the chimneys were such an iconic image of the power station, I wanted to get them perfect.”

Oxford Mail:

“Yarnsy”, who also decorates the post box in Haydon Road, said she wanted to create “something that was really unique” to the town.

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“Of course the power station fit that brief perfectly,” she said. “My dad worked at the station during my childhood and so there’s a special connection there but also I realised nothing had yet been done, to my knowledge, to remember those who lost their lives during that awful accident in 2016.”


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