A TEACHER who has been driving to Ukraine with medical supplies and food for those affected by the Russian invasion, has spoken of his horror at the devastation wreaked on the country.

Tim Henry, from Enstone, near Chipping Norton, has been providing essential supplies to Ukraine since February.

The 51-year-old started by rescuing dogs that needed to be taken to safety before eventually driving to near the front line beyond the devastated city of Kharkiv. He said it was impossible to "un-see" the scenes of destruction and violence he witnessed.

Oxford Mail:

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He said: "It was probably about three weeks into the war and people were going to the Polish border to help dogs.

"I got in touch with the man who was organising it and he said, 'Great, come and help'. I started trips back and forth and we were basically smugglers.

"I then met a couple of Ukrainian people who live in the east, close to the Russian border, who had been sheltering since the beginning.

Oxford Mail:

Mr Henry, who has lived in the West Oxfordshire village since 2004, travelled with a Ukrainian man, showing his passport at various checkpoints.

"There was a six-lane highway and we were the only car on it," he said. "At the last checkpoint in Kharviv the solider said we couldn't go any further.

"It was only because my contact was pleading saying he lived there and his neighbours were living in the basement with no food that the soldier said, 'It's up to you'.

"His building windows were smashed and the neighbouring building had a big gaping hole in the side of it - it was shocking, you could hear artillery shells dropping in the distance.

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"Two people saw the humanitarian signs on the side of the van and ran out asking us if we had food."

Mr Henry said the scariest part for him was the lack of fuel. He had to queue for hours and was limited to 20 litres at a time.

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He hopes to return to Kharkiv this week with "as much food and fuel crammed in the van as possible".

Customers of Enstone's The Crown Inn pub, as well as other residents further afield, have been donating the supplies for Mr Henry.

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For more information, or to donate, contact the pub on 01608 677262 or leave money in the collection pot inside the pub.

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Oxford Mail:

Oxford Mail:

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