BOARDING school accommodation, a cabin used by a food bank, and repairs to a university building are among the latest plans in Oxford.

A range of applications are submitted to Oxford City Council each week, with a selection of them outlined below.

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Boarding school accommodation: Summer Fields School, a boarding and day school for boys aged between four and 13, has applied to erect a three-storey building to provide accommodation.

A planning statement submitted as part of the application states a range of existing two-storey buildings, previously used as teaching accommodation, will be knocked down.

The document states: “Planning permission is sought for the demolition of the existing buildings on the site and their replacement with a three-storey building, incorporating student study rooms, communal facilities and accommodation for house parents (adults who look after boys whilst they are on site).

“Essentially, the development would have a footprint similar to the existing buildings on the site, with a C-shaped building wrapped around a central open courtyard.

“At ground floor level, it is proposed that there would be kitchen and common room facilities, a laundry and meeting room space, and a one-bed flat to be occupied by a supervising adult.

Oxford Mail: Summer Fields School. Picture: Richard CaveSummer Fields School. Picture: Richard Cave

“House parent accommodation is provided in the form of a four-bed maisonette at ground and first floor to the southern portion of the building providing guard/security positioning.

“Also at first and second floor levels are further supervisor flats, along with a number of dormitory bedrooms (three four-bed and one three-bed dormitory on first floor) and at second floor level, (four four-bed dormitories and one five-bed dormitory).

“Each dormitory has access to its own en-suite bathroom, with common facilities at ground floor level.

“House parents and supervisors have access to all areas. The proposed development would provide dormitory accommodation for 36 boarders.”

The school provides private education for more than 230 boys.

Reference number: 22/00917/FUL

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Food bank cabin: St Francis Church in Cowley has applied to retain a temporary portable cabin for a further 10 years.

In a design and access statement, the Hollow Way venue wrote: “The church provides a wide range of community services including the Community Emergency Foodbank (CEF).

“CEF is a registered charity and operates a twice weekly distribution of food parcels from the St Francis church hall to those in need living in or near Oxford.

Oxford Mail: The temporary food bank hub in June 2016. Picture: Jon LewisThe temporary food bank hub in June 2016. Picture: Jon Lewis

“It has been doing so for the last 14 years. On average, CEF distributes food parcels for about 30 people at each of the two weekly sessions.

“The portable cabin is an essential part of the work CEF does. It provides for the longer-term storage of food and its proximity to the church is critical in minimising the work involved in transferring food from the store to the church for the twice weekly distribution sessions.”

Reference number: 22/00859/FUL

New student rooms: St Anne’s College in Woodstock Road has applied for a refurb which will see the creation of 12 additional student rooms.

The University of Oxford college is seeking to transform numbers 1-10 in Bevington Road, which a planning statement says is a row of semi-detached Victorian villas, part of the college’s grounds, owned and managed by the college.

The document adds: “The buildings originally would have fronted onto Bevington Road along the northern perimeter of the college.

“However, the original front entrances are now used as fire escape purposes only, and the buildings are accessed from within the college.”

Reference number: 22/00857/FUL

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College repairs: Catte Street’s Hertford College is seeking to go ahead with repairs to roof tiles and sash windows.

A heritage and impact statement states: “Hertford College wishes to carry out repairs and maintenance works to the roof and elevation of staircases five and six of the New Buildings Quad.

“The proposed works comprise the replacement of the felt gutter to the flat roof, replacement of the render of the parapet wall, redecoration of the Holywell Street elevation and general repairs to the timber sash windows.”

Reference number: 22/01043/LBC

Oxford Mail: GV of Hertford College. Picture: Simon WilliamsGV of Hertford College. Picture: Simon Williams

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