A reveller was hit in a nightclub two months before the first covid lockdown.

Aqib Akhtar, 24, was drunk when he struck the blow in a melee at ATIK nightclub in Park End Street on January 5, 2020.

Oxford Magistrates’ Court was told by prosecutor Alastair Yapp that the victim suffered damaged to his teeth and wounds to his face.

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CCTV showed the man being hit by ‘something’ - thought to have been a glass - then immediately go to cradle his face, Mr Yapp said.

In a statement, the victim said: “I have never been hit as hard as I was on the night in question and it really shook me up.” His confidence was ‘rocked’ as a result of the assault, he added.

Appearing before the magistrates’ court this week, Akhtar, of Bookerhill Road, High Wycombe, pleaded guilty to causing actual bodily harm. He had no previous convictions.

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The magistrates were asked by his advocate to adjourn the case for the preparation of pre-sentence reports by the probation service.

He was remorseful, the offence dated back more than two years and he had not been in trouble before.

Bailing Akhtar to return to court on June 10 for sentencing, chairman of the bench Anne Pappenheim told the prosecutor: “Once again, we note the extremely long delay in this coming to court.”  

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