MYSTERY post box topper crocheter has created a new Jubilee themed art piece in Didcot.

The Queen, a soldier and a purple crown can be seen on top of the post box in Haydon Road. Behind the figures are two Red Arrows flying over a British themed rainbow.

The creator, who wants to stay anonymous, goes by the name “Yarnsy” and also decorates the post box in Broadway. 

Oxford Mail: (Yarnsy)(Yarnsy)

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She said the new post box topper took about three weeks to create.

Oxford Mail: (Yarnsy)(Yarnsy)

“Of course the inspiration behind this one is the Queens Platinum Jubilee,” she said. “I think as a nation it’s great for us to celebrate these types of events.

“When I was thinking about what I could add to this piece it was obvious that there needed to be a representation of the Queen and of course the beautiful crown.

Oxford Mail: (Yarnsy)(Yarnsy)

“While visiting London recently I was inspired to create a Beefeater to stand guard over the post box but something was missing from the background.

“I thought of past royal events and remembered that for all of these occasions you can guarantee you will see a fly over by the Red Arrows.

Oxford Mail: (Yarnsy)(Yarnsy)

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“It was a challenge to come up with the right pattern for the arrows but I think I got there in the end - I’m really pleased with how this piece has turned out.”


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