A woman caught doing more than 100mph on the M4 was suffering a medical episode, Oxford Crown Court heard.

Shakeela Mckinven-Jones, 24, of Padstow Gardens, Reading, was heading for the Chieveley services when she was pulled over by traffic officer PC Payne on May 11 last year.

He had clocked her 66-plate Volkswagen Polo at 109mph on the M4 westbound between junctions 12 and 13 at around 10.20pm.

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She told Oxford Crown Court on Friday that she was suffering a medical emergency. Then pregnant, she planned to pull into Chieveley services before going on to see her boyfriend in Newbury when she was pulled over by the police officer.

The driver said that she told the officer about the nature of her medical problem. “He was a man and I didn’t really want to go into it,” she said.

Prosecutor Alice Aubrey-Fletcher told Judge Maria Lamb and the two magistrates sitting alongside her on the bench that Mckinven-Jones was issued with a speeding ticket.

She was called into Oxford Magistrates’ Court at the start of the year, as there was a question about whether she should be banned rather than be given penalty points as the speed was so high.

Rather than ban her from driving, the justices imposed six penalty points.

But because she was a new driver, having passed her test just seven months earlier, the DVLA revoked her licence. She would have to apply for a provisional licence and take a new test if she wanted to drive again.

Mckinven-Jones told Judge Lamb on Friday that she had not realised she should have told the magistrates’ that she had only recently passed her test. She said she was advised by the DVLA and the magistrates’ court to appeal the sentence to the crown court.

Judge Lamb and the two magistrates quashed the sentence imposed at the Speedwell Street court in February and replaced it with a 30 day driving disqualification.

She will be able to drive again once her ban runs out, without the need to take a new driving test.

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The judge told her: “We are quite satisfied this piece of driving did merit a disqualification because it was such a high speed, not withstanding your personal circumstances.

“If you drive within the period of disqualification you will be committing a separate piece of serious driving.”

The fine of £276 imposed three months ago was allowed to stand. Mckinven-Jones was ordered to pay £90 costs and a £34 victim surcharge when she was dealt with by the magistrates’ court.

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