As summer approaches so does the picnic season, and Oxford dwellers are spoilt for choice. 

Despite being a bustling city, Oxford has many glorious pockets of greenery, each spot with its own unique beauty. 

Here are the five best spots to go to for your picnic that offer some idyllic views, just in time for the gorgeous weather this weekend.

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The Kidneys

If you're feeling like a walk or cycle to build up your appetite before you reach your picnic spot, The Kidneys is a great option. 

There are lots of open grass areas perfect for a picnic in the sunshine that looks out onto the river. 

The area is also extremely beautiful, with lots of wildflowers such as bluebells to spot too.

University Parks 

Oxford Mail: Sunbathers at University Parks. Ed NixSunbathers at University Parks. Ed Nix

For those who prefer to eat in a designated picnic spot, University Parks has earnt its title as the go to.

With its beautiful flowers, landscapes, and plenty of open spaces, you could spend a whole day here and many people do.

I'd advise arriving early on a sunny weekend though if you're a big group or you'll be pressed to find a good spot!

Cyclists should note they'd have to walk their bike to the spot or park it outside as cycling isn't allowed in the parks themselves. 

Along the Thames Path/ Iffley Meadows

Oxford Mail: Isis Farmhouse. Photo: Ed NixIsis Farmhouse. Photo: Ed Nix

If you're someone who doesn't mind having a picnic on the grass or a bench along the river, this is a great spot for you.

The whole stretch of river from Folly Bridge to Iffley Lock has some great spots on the verge to stop off for a picnic, particularly once you pass Donnington Bridge.

There you can find the Iffley Meadows area. 

This is a nature reserve, so it's extra important to watch out where you perch and of course take everything with you when you leave.

If you want a picnic without having to bring anything, the Isis Farmhouse pub near Iffley Lock has lots of picnic tables set up with a lovely view, perfect for families.

Port Meadow

Oxford Mail: Port Meadow in the summer. Photo by Ed Nix.Port Meadow in the summer. Photo by Ed Nix.

There is nowhere in Oxford that beats Port Meadow for open space, with breathtaking views and a brilliant atmosphere in the summer for families and friends alike, and ponies! 

For picnic-goers planning to drive into the city, this is your best bet within Oxford itself as there are two car parks. 

It also not has a designated picnic area. 

This does tend to fill up, but the good news is there's limitless space to set up elsewhere if you're happy to sit on the grass (just watch out for the cows and the rabbit droppings).

Christ Church Meadow

Oxford Mail: Christ Church Meadows.Christ Church Meadows.

A popular spot right in the heart of Oxford is Christ Church Meadow. 

If you want somewhere to picnic after a day of shopping in the centre, this is one of your best bets if you don't mind sitting on the ground.

There are a few benches you can sit on, although these fill up pretty quickly.

With gorgeous river views, pockets of shade, and soft grass, you're spoiled for choice.

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