This was the moment Lewis Brown was arrested on suspicion of murdering Lee Butler.

Brown, 20, who was today cleared of 39-year-old Mr Butler's murder but found guilty of manslaughter, could be seen lying face-down, spread-eagled on the ground and with the laser red dot of a Taser on his back. 

Stuck in the prone position, Brown reassured the police officers he did not pose a threat.

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Having found Brown in the garden of a property in Hengrove Close, Barton, at 1.13am on October 9, 2021, the officers approached him carefully.

In footage shown to the jury from arresting officer Sgt Mark Allmond’s body-worn video camera during the four-week trial, they can be seen cuffing the bearded youngster’s hands behind his back.

He was asked whether he had anything sharp on him. A body search – which involved him being rolled onto his side and patted down - revealed Brown was only carrying a lighter and some cash, jurors at Oxford Crown Court heard.

Brown was read the caution, with officers warning him that he was under arrest on suspicion of murder and he did not have to say anything but anything he did say might be taken down and used in evidence.

He could be heard asking for more details. “What are the circumstances of my arrest,” Brown said.

After repeating his request several more times another officer responded ‘mate, that’s enough’ and added that he would ‘get more’ when he reached custody.

Oxford Mail: Lewis Brown is arrested in the garden of a house in Hengrove Close, Barton Picture: TVPLewis Brown is arrested in the garden of a house in Hengrove Close, Barton Picture: TVP

Towards the end of the eight-minute video clip, Sgt Allmond urged Brown to understand the seriousness of the allegations he faced.

He could be heard apparently endorsing the defendant, who earlier accused the police officers of handling him aggressively, saying the accused had been ‘good as gold’.

Oxford Mail:

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