There are five cats living at Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary that are looking for forever homes - could you give them one?

The sanctuary rehomes up to 500 animals every year and looks after 60 cats at any one time.

If you think you would be able to rehome one of them go to the Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary website for more details. 

You can also sponsor any of their animals or donate to the charity's vital work.

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Adopt a Cat from Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary


Oxford Mail: Meet Aston. (Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary)Meet Aston. (Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary)

Gender - Male

Age - 10 years old

Breed - Domestic Shorthair

Aston is looking for a forever home to call his own - could it be with you?

This fun adorable cat has so much to offer, including loving fuss, food and cuddles. 

He has a manageable skin condition which requires lifelong medication, costing less than £20 per month.

His new owner should also be aware that he history of bladder stones so he needs to stay on a specialised diet.

While he can live with children aged 10+, Aston would prefer to be the only pet in the home.

Find out more about how to adopt Aston.


Oxford Mail: Meet Betty. (Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary)Meet Betty. (Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary)

Gender - Female

Age - 16

Breed - Domestic shorthair

This sweet older lady is looking for a quiet forever home to retire to.

Betty recently lost her owner and her home but since joining the sanctuary she is improving and her confidence is flourishing. 

On arriving at the sanctuary, Betty had a nasty infected growth on her head which has now been removed and sent away for histopathology.

She also has a cataract in her right eye so needs to be in an indoor and adult-only home without other animals.

Find out more about how to adopt Betty.

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Oxford Mail: Meet Griffin. ( Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary)Meet Griffin. ( Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary)

Gender - Male

Age - 13 years old

Breed - Domestic shorthair

Do you think you could give this gentle boy a forever home?

Griffin is described as "lovely" and "affectionate" who enjoys his food and his catnip.

He does have some ongoing medical needs including an early-stage kidney disease which he only needs a renal diet at the moment but may require medication in the future.

Griffin also has arthritic hips that do require lifelong pain medication and a joint supplement and therefore, the sanctuary asks that you please only apply if you are able to pay for his veterinary care.

Find out more about how to adopt Griffin.


Oxford Mail: Meet Missy( Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary)Meet Missy( Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary)

Gender - Female

Age - 15 years old

Breed - Domestic shorthair

Meet Missy - an independent lady - on the lookout for a new home. 

This older lady will happily lay out in the sun for hours on end and is ideally looking for a quiet home she can retire in.

Once she’s confident around her new owner, she will happily ask for fuss and cuddles but she needs plenty of space to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle

Find out more about how to adopt Missy.


Oxford Mail: Meet Shelley.(Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary)Meet Shelley.(Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary)

Gender - Female

Age - 10 years old

Breed - Domestic shorthair

This is your sign to add this fantastic feline to your family. 

Shelley is described as a gentle lady that loves a good chin rub and a patient owner that will let her settle into her new home. 

She has a grade 3 heart murmur that she doesn't currently need medication or treatment for but the sanctuary recommends annual check-ups with a qualified veterinarian.

Heart murmurs in cats are fairly common and many cats lead a normal active lifestyle but you can find out more on the sanctuary website.

Find out more about how to adopt Shelley.