With another Bank Holiday weekend approaching, it’s the perfect time to plan an invigorating walk at an Oxfordshire beauty spot.

But your stroll doesn’t have to be too strenuous - there are lots of locations where you can walk for just an hour or two and not end up feeling too hot and bothered.

While the landscape across county in most places is fairly flat, there are one of two excellent vantage points which will offer splendid views of the surrounding areas.

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Wittenham Clumps

One of the most popular choices to get a good view is Wittenham Clumps near Didcot.

Oxford Mail:

The clumps and the area around the Clumps are cared for by the Earth Trust charity, which runs its own visitor centre.

The easiest way to access the Clumps is to park at the foot of the hills in Little Wittenham village.

Then climb to the top of the nearest clump - be warned the ascent in places is fairly steep so may need to stop for a breather on the way.

If you are feeling energetic, traverse the hillside before walking around the second clump.

One option for refreshments afterwards is a pub or cafe in Dorchester, which is just a short drive away, or can be reached across the fields, via Days Lock on the Thames.

Wytham Woods

Another beauty spot outside Oxford is Wytham Woods.

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There are 1,000 acres to explore on a network of footpaths.

The woods are owned by Oxford University and are open to the public by obtaining a free permit for walking but are closed to dogs, horses and bicycles.

The woods, which feature in Colin Dexter’s Inspector Morse novel The Way Through The Woods, are one of the most researched areas of woodland in the world.

Research includes projects on climate change, blue and great tits, badgers and bats.

Oxford Mail:

Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace near Woodstock has extensive grounds with miles of pathways for long walks.

But if you enter the grounds through the official entrances you will have to pay the entrance fee, although if you choose not to do this, a walk around Woodstock can be pleasant enough.

Oxford Mail:

River Thames and Oxford Canal

In Oxford city, it would be crazy to ignore the large network of towpaths along the Thames and Oxford Canal.

Oxford Mail:

Oxford High Street

And if you are in the city centre, the High Street from Cornmarket to Magdalen Bridge, will take a good 20 minutes to complete, depending on your pace, and is packed with fascinating churches, shops and colleges along the way.

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The University Church of St Mary the Virgin is well worth a visit and you can pay to climb the 127 steps up the tower, to see spectacular views of the city. Access to the church is free but it costs £5 to climb the tower and you have to be aged eight or above. Last admission is half an hour before closing at 5pm.

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