Recycling containers outside a supermarket are becoming "flytipping hotspots" used by people who are just too lazy to go the tip, say residents.

A poster on Witney Spotted described “boxes and boxes of bottles and broken glass” in front of the containers in Witney after a visit.

Apologising for the 'rant', they said: "Hi, a message to everyone who abuse the recycling facilities at Sainsburys.

"To people who take cardboard boxes, is it so difficult to take a knife & break them down so more people can use the facility?

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"I won't be surprised if Sainsburys removes this facility as did Asda & TOFS [The Original Factory Shop] did in Carterton due to the abuse and that will in turn increase the flytipping in our beautiful countryside."

Oxford Mail:

Many agreed with one adding: "Absolutely disgusting and no excuse for it. I was there an hour ago and it's the first thing you notice as you drive in.

"Unfortunately it's the lazy and entitled percentage of our community who think it's OK to just chuck their rubbish on the floor.

"Too lazy to deal with it themselves, entitled in their small heads to do what they do as its now no longer their problem but someone else's.

"They would soon be kicking off if Sainsburys removed the facility."

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Public recycling bins abused by flytippers were removed by West Oxfordshire District Council last year.

It removed all its 15 community 'bring' sites last summer following a rise in littering and fly-tipping.

The council said the recycling banks were put in place before kerbside collections were introduced and, due to ongoing issues with all sites including overflowing bins, contamination of bins with non-recyclable items, bins being used by local businesses and frequent fly-tipping of waste around the bins, the decision was made to remove them permanently.

Sites at Carterton, Burford, Clanfield, Eynsham and Long Hanborough were removed at the request of parish councils while supermarket operator Asda also asked for the removal of the council facility in Carterton which was often overflowing.

Any waste left at the sites since the banks have been removed is classed as fly tipping which is illegal.

Offenders may be prosecuted, receive an unlimited fine and/or imprisonment.

However, Sainsbury's confirmed that despite the problems they would be expanding, not removing the facility.

A Sainsbury's spokesperson said: "We’re experiencing increased demand for the recycling service at our Witney Superstore store and an additional container will be introduced soon.”

Further information is available on the Council’s website - cycling/what-to-put-in-your-bin/recycling-blue-lidded-bin-and-black-box/  

Residents can also book a bulky waste collection here -

There is also a helpful guide on recycling, on the WODC website -