IN what promises to be a treat for lovers of the guitar, two of the instrument’s greatest exponents team up tonight for a night of virtuosity.

Oxford musician Pete Oxley joins Swiss artist Nicolas Meier for a show which will see the duo switching between up to 10 guitars in a dizzying display of talent at Oxford’s Old Fire Station.

As one of the driving forces behind Oxford’s The Spin jazz club, Pete will be very much on home territory for today's show – both geographically and musically. The gig, part of an international tour, features a repertoire entirely written by the pair – a partnership that has seen them perform hundreds of gigs and produce seven critically acclaimed CDs together.

The date of the concert is an auspicious one for the pair, being a year to the day from when they recorded and filmed their superb, full-length, streamed Youtube concert for the official post-lockdowns re-opening of The Spin at the same venue.

Both the OFS and the duo have said that they are excited to be back at the venue, this time for a live audience.

The Oxley-Meier Guitar Project have several unique-selling-points. As soon as one sets eyes on the stage, it becomes evident from the array of differing guitars that a night of very varied soundscapes will be on offer. The 10 or so guitars include electric and acoustic 12 strings, six and seven-string nylons, six and 11-string fretless guitars, plus more normal jazz instruments.

Oxford Mail:

Added to the duo’s ability to coax all sorts of sounds from their instruments, the band also boasts a versatile rhythm section in Raph Mizraki (electric and acoustic basses) and Paul Cavaciuti (drums).

Raph is a highly-respected multi-instrumentalist in his own right, and highlights from past gigs with this band have been when he has downed basses, to pick up exotic percussion instruments to then duet – or duel – with Paul.

The band’s strap-line reads, ‘soundscapes from Turkey to Brazil’ – which is a fairly accurate summary of their output. In truth, the music is a highly successful meld between jazz and world music that can’t really be pigeon-holed. Pete says their repertoire is “aimed at anybody with an interest in music”.

For this concert, the band will perform brand new music written by Oxley and Meier.

Describing the writing process, Pete, a professional bow maker from Headington, says: “Firstly, we try to take the writing to a higher level with each album that we put together.

“This not only takes into account the strength of the melodies, the interest in the harmonic and rhythmic ideas, but also, the arranging – the sound of the band.

“The consistency of the project comes very much from the respective personal musical languages we’ve each developed over the years, but within that, we both have scope to write anything from, effectively, country and western to tango!

Oxford Mail: Oxley-Meier

“In rehearsals, we then work with the band with the objective of creating individual moods and vibes for each piece. Needless to say, having the pallet of these varying guitars, plus Paul and Raph’s versatility gives us a vast range of colours to draw from.”

And he is full of admiration for his brother in arms.

“Nick always has his half of the album written – usually before I’ve even begun my half!” he laughs.

“This is actually a good working method for me. Nick will say, ‘I have a burning Turkish-vibe thing, a waltz, a piece influenced from my trip to Indonesia…’ or so on.

“I will then know what sort of pieces are required to fulfil an overall programme, full of variety and surprises.

“I’m definitely very pleased with the new tunes. We’ve both gone for melodically-led writing, underpinned by all sorts of turns and quirks in the harmonies and the grooves.

“We really hope that our audiences will be excited – and moved – by these, even if on a totally subconscious level!”

Oxford Mail: oxley meier.

Having seen him in action, it is safe to say Pete has nailed what to expect from the upcoming show.

We can all prepare to be taken on something of an exhilarating journey.

  • The Spin presents: The Oxley-Meier Guitar Project at The Old Fire Station, Oxford tonight, Sunday 24th April, at 7pm.
  • For more details on The Spin – named by the All-Party Parliamentary Jazz Awards as The Best Jazz Venue in The UK – and to buy tickets, go to or