Two schools joined forces to help send urgent medical supplies to families affected by the war in Ukraine.

Three former parents of children who attended Abingdon and Headington Schools are working with the charitable organisation Eden Aiding Refugees.

In minibuses supplied by Headington School in Oxford and Abingdon School, Troels Henrikson and Darryl Mattocks successfully drove the supplies out to the Ukrainian Polish border earlier this week.

Oxford Mail:

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The group is hoping that once the supplies have been unloaded, they will be able to bring back refugees to either Germany, the Netherlands, or the UK (Visa permitting), as they have managed to do previously.

Oxford Mail:

The supplies will be transported to the front line in Kyiv by a paramedic team.

The Headington and Abingdon schools hope to continue to work with Eden Aiding Refugees with the aim of delivering medical supplies and aid to Ukraine and where possible assisting in the movement of displaced people away from danger.

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A spokesperson from Abingdon School said: “We want to make a difference to as many people as we can.

“These refugees have so little - their entire lives literally packed into one small bag; and the absence of men at the refugee centres, and the connotation of what that means, is particularly chilling.

“We are incredibly grateful to Abingdon and Headington Schools for helping to make this latest Eden Aiding Refugees delivery possible.”

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