Listeners to digital radio will have more choice of stations if plans by local company OXDAB are agreed by regulator Ofcom.

OXDAB, a group of community FM radio station managers, has applied for the licence to run a Small Scale DAB multiplex service in Oxford.

Analogue radio services, for example Radio 1 or Radio 4, are broadcast from a transmitter using separate radio frequencies.

Digital radio (DAB) groups a number of radio services together into what is known as a multiplex.

Small Scale DAB is a new platform with transmitters based in the heart of Oxford and will carry a variety of different services.

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Martin Steers, director of OXDAB said: "We can deliver a platform which will see established radio broadcasts alongside exciting new projects be broadcast to the residents of Oxford.

"By having local broadcasters, they are able to supply information that matters to local people."

Joining Martin at OXDAB will be Dean Kavanagh who has operated a trial for the last seven years and is co-director of a software development company working on small scale DAB, and has experience of rolling out a DAB network of local stations.

Completing the team is Barry Clack, director of Witney Radio.

He said that Oxford has lacked a good local radio station since the demise of FOX FM in 2009.

He said: "When Fox joined a large networked radio group, that local identity which listeners enjoyed was lost and never returned. This identity and structure is what has made Witney Radio a success."

OXDAB would like to hear from prospective broadcasters keen to take to the airwaves.

Ofcom will award the Small Scale DAB licence in a competitive awards process later this year.