French Bulldogs and Pugs could be banned in the UK as part of a pet charity’s vow to crackdown on the “dangerous” breeding of some of the nations favourite breeds that can lead to health problems.

Pet charity, the Blue Cross, accused breeders of encouraging a “vicious cycle of over-breeding” which has led to a dangerous health crisis affecting flat-faced pups.

The charity, which was founded in 1897, is demanding a crackdown on “poor breeding” which is affecting the health of popular breeds including English Bulldogs.

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Calls to end the poor breeding of flat-faced dogs in the UK

Calls for both legislative and non-legislative action could see laws drawn up which will have a huge impact on the availability of such breeds in the UK.

Head of Public Affairs at Blue Cross, Becky Thwaites, told The Sun: "We have already started contacting MPs. Ultimately Blue Cross is determined to see the end of the poor breeding of flat faced dogs and are considering all options both legislative and non-legislative to achieve this."

20 per cent of UK dogs now flat-faced breeds

According to the charity, 20 per cent of dogs in Britain are now flat-faced breeds and health issues can include eye disease, skin disease, obstructed breathing and spinal deformities.

Blue Cross vets claim to have treated over 5,000 brachycephalic pets in the last two years alone.

The demands follow similar calls in Australia to ban flat-faced breeds due to the fact “their basic existence is one of suffering”.

Blue Cross has called for UK breeders to be required to have certification issued by vets to ensure animals don’t have health problems that could be passed down through breeding.